Rodwell House

Completed in May 2016, our home at Rodwell House replaces the previous 40 bed facility at Rodwell Farm.

Rodwell House is located at Row Town, Addlestone in Surrey and comprises of 79 suites over three floors with staff facilities and support services located within the basement.

Works commenced in October 2014 with the construction of the new access and distribution road, immediately followed by excavations to the basement.

Over the following 20 months works progressed with the superstructure and finishing elements. The whole development process can still be viewed in photos and videos on the development feed at the foot of this narrative.

Uniquely, the development also included the re-provision of horticultural services with the construction of a nursery and planting beds at the Eastern end of the site, continuing the history and original use of the development site.

In accordance with the planning permission received for Rodwell House, throughout November and December 2017, the existing building at Rodwell Farm was demolished and the area landscaped.

During the design process we managed to visually minimise the scale of the building by having rooms within the roof, using projections to the walls and variation in the roof levels.

Our elevations have facing brickwork, timber cladding and render, all of which are drawn from the palette of materials from surrounding buildings.

Rodwell House continues the Graham Care philosophy of care suites, which differ from traditional bedrooms in three important ways:

  1. Social space with comfortable seats so that residents’ families and friends can spend good quality time together in privacy and comfort.
  2. Dining space so that residents can enjoy their meals in their own room, if they wish.
  3. A kitchenette so that residents and their guests can prepare drinks and snacks.

Rodwell House provides a family friendly environment where residents feel at home and would be able to care for themselves or by their carers where appropriate.

The design has all communal lounge and dining facilities on the ground floor, creating a unique area which is capable of being opened up into a single continuous area for those occasions requiring greater circulation space.

This communal space benefits from large glazed folding doors into the garden areas which create the effect of bring the outside into the home itself.

In addition to these communal areas, the ground floor also accommodates 20 suites, carer stations, assisted toilets and bathrooms, along with the main public areas including our entrance foyer, reception, I.T. area and offices.

On the upper floors you will mainly find suites, with a total of 37 on the first floor and 22 on the second floor.
Our second-floor suites are quite unique in their layout as they hug the contours of the roof space they occupy, creating even larger rooms with unique views either across Row Town or out towards the nursery at the eastern end of our development.
These upper floors also have communal toilets for residents and visitors and our assisted bathrooms with assisted bathing, piped music and mood lighting to create a calming and relaxing experience.

All corridors used by the residents are designed with recessed areas in front of the bedroom doors. This allows very good access for wheelchair users and exceeds the minimum current regulation. Handrails are provided along the edge of the passages to assist residents.

As with all Graham Care Homes, we have a fully functioning hair salon, which in this instance is located on the first floor.

We encourage freedom of movement throughout the home and gardens. This provides stimulation and physical exercise, and strengthens therapeutic social lives. To allow easy movement the layout of Rodwell House is clear and separate zones are easily recognisable. Moreover, all the areas of the buildings and the gardens are provided with level access or a lift.

Our residents are encouraged to walk and explore all garden areas, and the design provides linked footpaths to allow continuous movement.
The aspect of our main garden ensures we take full advantage of any sunshine concluding with the sun disappearing over the horizon to the West at the end of the day.