Design development of Chelmer House in Chelmsford is well underway


Design development of Chelmer House in Chelmsford is well underway.

Graham Land & Developments Ltd has supported the design process by actively encouraging the commencement of detailed design works to maximise the benefits of a fully coordinated and unified approach.

This unique building will be constructed using a structural steel frame to maximise certainty of delivery and design flexibility. This is the first care home to be fully designed in this manner for Graham Land & Developments ltd.

In another first for Graham Land & Developments Ltd, the home will incorporate a ‘living wall’, which can only be described as a wall of living plants aimed at softening the appearance of the building and bringing a vertical garden to some of the external wall areas.

The design team are working to a programme which will see the building design fully complete prior to the commencement of construction works, which are due to commence in May 2017 and conclude 20 months later.

Chelmer House will have 90 bedroom suites, spread over three floors.

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